Every six months, the leading manufacturers of consumer electronics present new models or renew old to satisfy consumers who want to be on the cutting edge technology.  But in the case of laptops, you can Buy Refurbished Laptops because they are close to new.

There are a number of helpful tips that you can use to postpone investing in a new model for some time. More and more people decide to buy refurbished laptops but they do not know how to act, because they fear being wrong. Indecision is also caused by the fact that we buy something that is not new. This is not a problem. No need to spend a fortune in an inexperienced PC market, if you want to get an older model with very good performance and a more affordable price.

Once you have decided to buy refurbished laptop then you should be clear what would be the type of laptop you need, so you must:

  1. Be clear about what you need
  2. Know what brand you prefer, if you have preferences.
  3. Determine what budget you have.

Before going to buy a refurbished laptop, you should consider these aspects.

  • RAM: It's easy, the more the better. Today 1GB and 2GB recommended mandatory
  • Hard Drive: 100GB From is generally more than enough if we do not download movies or music.
  • Weight:  If we are to move I would not take anything in their specifications put an over 3kg (albeit (3.01kg) 2.7kg or so can be a good option.
  • Wifi: Today brings all portable wifi, but we must see that meet specifications. In principle all meet the standard b/g (the absolute majority there wifi in coffee shops, universities) but some also to meet the standard (often named as a / b / g).
  • Graphics:  The simplest card Intel GMA 950 3D graphic effects OS Linux worked without any problem.
  • Ports connectivity: All bring portable USB ports and network card. Most also include a modem.
  • Battery: I do not comment anything because it is difficult to give an opinion on this, and the fact is that today there are outlets in virtually any place where need to use a laptop.

And last but not least, how much do you want to spend? Depending on the factors that you have chosen before, now you have the choice to adjust the budget. In addition, you can buy a refurbished laptop quickly, easily and conveniently, without leaving home. Check out this site.